We are always well aware of the fact that we need to work hard and in a disciplined manner and be honest and respect the local and international society to achieve the better at all times. We have never made concessions to our core values and we certainly won’t.

UNI culture; is a unity which guarantees our esteemed future success in the long term. All of our employees have adopted the said culture and transfer the same to our newly employed friends. We owe our current position and point of view to our culture.

Our mentality of making progress with firmand sure steps, which we follow in the world and in the eastern countries in particular leads us beyond competition in the sector. Our current status, which we achieved under the UNI flag , thanks to our innovative teammates brought along our effort in productivity and becoming a brand. On behalf of UNI, I express my gratitude to our customers, colleagues, business partners who supported and put faith in us.

Best Regards,

Murat Gürkan

Daily News