Scientists state the fact that new born human body has a capacity to live up to 160-170 years. However, we fail to use much of the said years. (Based on the data obtained from WHO, average human life span is 6.3.5 years).
There are too many to reasons to count which decreases lifespan.

Global warming and its adverse effects of which mankind is lately aware of how we damage the world.
The fact that the balance in the eco-system is broken breaks the back of the world. We accept the fact that logistics companies like us do play a part in global warning and we show our best efforts to be as responsible as possible in this respect and also invite our colleagues to share such responsibility.

The researches state that the 35% of the atmospheric pollution worldwide stems from mankind. This ratio even rises a little more together with the carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon, nitric oxide, and various other particles released in the air in addition to the usage of certain equipment in the sector. In addition to the costs which will increase due to eco-friendly/green logistics, believing that transportation companies which carry goods at higher prices would be commonly preferred just because they are eco-friendly is utopic particularly in an environment where freight charges are the most important factor of competitiveness.

Since we cannot dispose of the pricing factor to create a greener world, we need to take certain measures by our own such as:
-We offer our customers our view of switching the transportation system into railroad transportation as much as possible.

-We reduce our expense items as much as possible and do our best to reduce our power consumption and prefer LED lights instead.

-We prefer glass-roof warehouses in order to make advantage of the day light.

-We turned our boutique vehicle fleet into Euro-5 type vehicles.

-We use digital archiving system with the purpose of reducing paper consumption. We are aware of the fact that in self-aware developed countries freight shipment which is carried out via high speed trains is more eco-friendly and we sincerely support the privatization of the state railways in our country within the scope of green thinking.

-We all need to shoulder responsibility in the name of creating a greener world.

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