Having started its business operations in 2003 with the catchword “Only Russia”, the UNI TRANS (UNI LOGISTICS SYSTEM) set off, from the first day it was established, with the goal of becoming a brand in Russia and Russian speaking countries. Its journey which has started with international freight organization has turned into an integrated logistics service providing structure under the C2 License.

The company manages logistics services, by designing supply chain, to its domestic and foreign customers from numerous sectors thanks to its qualifies human resources and advanced technology implementations. Also, it became one of the cynosure logistic service providers of Turkey with its numbers of employees exceeding 50. Assuming the pioneering role in developing large scale of business models, the company achieves worthy success. It takes firm steps in achieving its brand recognition target thanks to the multinational companies in its portfolio and the services it renders to the said customers.

The company was established subsequent to the period following the economic crisis in Turkey. So, the company had to work hard to create a sustainable story of success and prove its difference. Thus, it did what had to be done and grew accordingly. In days technological developments destroyed the limits of knowledge and borders of countries, the UNI has not failed on its goal thanks to the creativity and flexibility in its genes and gained its present status and yet maintains it.

2003___While considering the most appropriate name for our company which aims at becoming a world brand, we observed the said main objective and attached importance to provide a title which is read the same way in all languages. Accordingly, we agreed on the title UNI which is an abbreviation of the term UNION that means “unity, united”.

2004___Based on the faith that partnership would create synergy, partnership was established with a person whom is believed to have sectoral experience. The company transferred its past experience it obtained from Turkey and USA and focused on the Russian Federation, which is a vast market in this respect. It has started customs clearance business within the same year and became the sole company which is able to implement partial transportation from Turkey to Russia.

2005___The company has started to provide door to door services by means of appointing a mobile representative in Moscow in the name of rendering parallel transportation and integrated logistic services and expanded its range of activities by establishing alternative transportation methods such as maritime, railroad and airline transportation.

2006___Transferring the experience it obtained from the Russian Federation to the Commonwealth of Independent States which speak the same language, the company carried on offering its services mainly in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan as a Freight Forwarder. It has further offered full and partial land transportation services to all the countries in the territory including Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan with the most competitive freightage by means of entering into an agreement with the company belonging to the state of Uzbekistan that owns the most powerful vehicle fleet of the territory.

2007___The company opened its first foreign branch in Moscow with the purpose of carrying on the partial land transportation to the Russian Federation and Russian customs clearance services it started in 2003 in its own structure.

2008___The company terminated its partnership based on the ground that its goal of becoming institutionalized did not match with its partnership structure and carried on its progress with firm steps in order to reach its objectives. Today, despite all the efforts to tarnish the reputation of the title UNI TRANS by imitating it, the title UNI has been made a brand.

2009___UNI, which has freezed, temporarily suspended its investments in order to prevent taking wrong steps due to the economic crisis in our nearby territory, has spent this year according to the directions of its professional strategic analysis consultant. The company also adopted the boutique logistics services and rendered it integrated to corporate firms.

2010___The company which has maintained its position as a Freight Forwarder , vehicle organizator up to today has merged its experience with Ağır Nakliye Firması. which has a long standing past in accordance with its 5-year development plan and investment plant thus started and focused on heavy transportation and project transportation . out company, which holds the C2 license carries on offering its services as a licensed company in accordance with the Road Transport Regulations.

2011___has switched its catchword to “the euroasia specialist” (Eurosian Specialist) from the catchword “Only Russia” and established a bridge between the West and the East by means of providing heavy transport, land transport, railroad transport and partial transportation services. It further carries out transportation services between Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Besides, it has commenced rendering services in fields of transport, customs clearing, distribution and storage in all cities of Kazakhstan in the same year after it established an independent company under the title TOO UNI LOTISTICS SYSTEM in Almaty, the capital city of Kazakhstan- the most powerful economy in its territory. The company further continues its international transportation services such as partial and full transport via its own vehicles in addition to railroad transport between Kazakhstan and Turkey

2013___We will commence the business operations in terms of performing clearance in Russia and transport/logistics services in Russia which we have handled through our agency in Russia for 10 years in 2013. The said operations will be carried out under the company title 000 INU LOGISTICS SYSTEM at the end of the year 2012 and beginning of 2013. It is among our short-termed plans to establish an active UNI which acts in parallel with the official customs operations of Baku and the silk route project.

2023___ We acknowledge the fact that we will need to play a big role in line with the $ 500 Billion export target of the Republic of Turkey for the year 2023 and know that the countries in which we carry out our activities will have a big part in achieving the said target.
We will keep up our progress by firm steps and in a careful, rigorous manner with selective and choice companies.

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