UNI TRANS takes delivery of the goods from many production points in Turkey and around the world or from the specified address and delivers the same on the specified date to designated address after completing the respective clearance procedures regarding the said goods by means of developing its infrastructure and technological investments continuously in order to offer on time delivery, regular date flow, low cost namely the best service possible in partial land transportation.

The company has been successfully rendering regular “TARIFF BASED PARTIAL TRANSPORTATION” services on Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan line with its own vehicles for three years.

Engaged in carrying out the infrastructural works regarding the partial transportation system on the Georgia-Azerbaijan line, our company offers smooth and quality services to its customers who reside in this territory where cargo concept is settled.

The import goods to be land transported which are gathered in the warehouses located in the Anatolian and European side of Istanbul are initially wrapped before the relevant clearance procedures are completed and shipped to their destination addresses on the desired date.
Thanks to our meticulous and firm cooperation with our widespread agency network located in Europe and the Balkans that allow us to we pick the goods to be transported via partial land transportation and complete their customs clearance procedures.

UNI Transit undertakes to carry out the customs clearance procedures of its customers regarding partial transportations and offers integrated logistics services by means of minimizing the risks thanks to its experienced staff.


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Tariff based Partial Transportation 8WEDNESDAY-FRIDAY)

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