Today, the Russian economy, which is expected to enter a new era after the resolution of the Russian Federation to join the World Trade Organization, has become much more cognisable.

Our company, which is able to quickly and infallibly submit all documents which validate legal export and import, also offers competitive and quality service.

•Russian Customs Brokerage services;
•Shipment customs formalities;
•Declaration of all types of cargo which are delivered via land, railroad and maritime transportation;

•Accreditation of external economic fields of activities at the domestic customs;
•Consultancy services regarding Russian customs regulations;
•Monitoring tariff (rates, other fees and payments) and nontariff (regulations, permits, licenses and other abbreviations) regulations;
•Precise calculation of required customs payments, terms of delivery and preparing customs expenditures includingtransportation and/ or insurance costs;
•Monitoring the goods terminology regarding the external economic activities and acquiring full inquiry about the goods;
•Keeping account of customs payments;
•Drawing up documents of various types regarding the products which require nontariff export control.
•Ministry of Defense Advise Letter
•CT-1 certified certificates of origin
•A certified certificate of origin
•Approvals regarding sanitary controls

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