Uni Trans has been carrying our clearance processes in Russia as of 2004 under the title Uni Logistics System. Our lan/maritime/Airline Complete and Groupage Clearance Services in Russia;

Having started its business operations in 2003, Uni Logistics System has focused on clearance services in Russia. Today, the company is holding the status as a solution partner for numerous customers and colleagues in Russia regarding clearance procedures of all partial and complete transportation works. We are aware of the fact that focusing on our job and considering continuous development are what maintains our core values sustainable. In the name of providing optimum solutions for clearance of your products which arrive Russia, our activities thereof are  as follows;

  • Determining the customs tariff for your load which is a subject of import or export activity,
  • Compiling the technical specifications of the said load which are required by the customs offices,
  • Determining whether the item which is the subject of import or export is subject to permission by an organization,
  • Applying, following up and obtaining any and all permission for the items which are subject to permission by an organization,
  • Determining the required documents to get permission from an organization for such item and communication such information to our customers,
  • Determining and notifying the services which will add value to our customers,

Carrying out investigation to find out the binding tariff related to an import item which we have hesitations about from the General Directorate of Customs by way of applying to the Regional Customs Directorate first.

  • Determining the estimated costs required to determine the cost for the export or import product and notifying such information to the customer,
  • Preparing any and all certificates related to the import product and obtaining approval from the respective Chamber.

- Preparing the customs declaration form for the import product and having the same registered at the office in addition to following up and finalizing the customs processes thereof, determining the loss assessment regarding the material arriving at the customs and informing the customer and insurance company and having  necessary expertise conducted,

  • Shipping the import item to the address located within the borders of Russia via the safest transportation vehicle in line with the instructions of our customer.


The Simplified Customs Line application (SCL)/ Green Corridor, which has been restarted to be used in the beginning of 2011 and providing services exclusively for a limited number of companies offer dutiable airline and land (full groupage) transportation services under the control of the Russian federation general Directorate of Customs (ROSTEK). Uni owns the respective license.

For detailed information: uni@unils.com.tr

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