Having completed the infrastructure work of the silk route project, one of our country targets, has commenced its work regarding the Turkey-Georgia-Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan/Turkmenistan/Uzbekistan/Tajikistan/ Kyrgyzstan line.

We carry on domestic transportation, inter-country transportation works via railroad projects in all of the countries specified in connection with Russia-Kazakhstan-Belarus customs union agreement.

The domestic and international railroad transportation which undergoes an incessant change becomes more attractive day by day due factors such as minimum damage risk, environmental consciousness, appropriate financial conditions, less documentation formalities and fixed transportation term. We offer you container shipping, single wagon transportation and block train options based on technical cargo planning supported by insurance, clearance, storage and lashing services.

Our company is ready to become a reliable external foreign partner for your import-export transportations that we carry out in Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Russian federation, CIS, Caucasia and Middle Eastern countries within the scope of large capacity and quality service network provided by fast data flow.

Our train/ wagon transportation services;
-Two-way railroad transportation to European countries
-Two-way railroad transportation to CIS countries
-Two-way railroad transportation the Near Eastern countries

Container (40’ 45’) railroad transportation

Two-way transportation from Istanbul and its vicinity to South Germany on weekly regular basis
Direct or maritime and railroad connected multi modal transportation to CIS countries
-Wagon loading and discharge
-Clearance service
-Project transportation
-Large container transportation
-Block train management

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